I Come To Videohive

Today my first item approved for sale on videohive. this extension can freeze your footage automatically with 10 designs like fire and particles… also you can make your design. please watch my first item and give me feedback. Thank you

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Congratulations! But remember this is self promotion and it´s against Envato Forums rules.
Good Luck! :+1:

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Oh, I didn’t know this. can I remove this post?

You know what I don’t get? I see this often on videohive, people do really spend a lot of time to do some good looking animation, presentation, even make custom images for the description because they think this is better than the standard text.

But then this gets uploaded and approved by all instances:


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Very useful comment. do you think it’s better if we write all image texts in standard text? for searches?

I think the common method is to have a small version of the description as text at the end of all the images. So that your description works even without all images (in case they fail to load for whatever reason).

Just look out for typos. They look unprofessional. Especially in headlines.

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Thank you very much, I fixed it. english is not my first language

I didn´t mean that you have to remove your post. Just to let you know about this self promotion rule for your future posts, because as you said you are new here, just that.
Good Luck!

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Thank you very much bro :slight_smile:

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against Envato Forums rules?.. How to start selling your work on Videohive?

The point is that you sell on VideoHive, not the Envato forums.

I don´t make the rules. It is what it is. Envato->Videohive gives exposure/promotion to your items. Then you can selfpromote your works on social networks-media (youtube, twitter, instagram, pinterest, vimeo, facebook, etc), but not inside Envato Forums, again, not my rules, I´m just a simple author.

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OK. All this is understandable. But the seller will always advertise himself and the goods. The main thing is to hide ads behind useful information.