Tips on selling the first item

Hi guys.

Can anyone help me with creating the preview video for my first template? Does envato allow you to use stock footage/music as long you credit the author? How does it work?


It depends on the license and usage on the video.

For stock stuff if you mean things like from Videohive then maybe with the authors permission and maybe special licenses; but if you are looking at the big external stock sites then this will fall under commercial licensing so you will most likely be looking at big money.

Assuming you are talking about a ‘web’ template - as a buyer I don’t really see the point in these videos and rarely watch them - experienced buyers know what they are looking for and will pay more attention to the demos and the code where as newer buyers probably would not really understand a lot of what you would want to put in it.

Of course that’s just my opinion but if you want to find someone to help check out

Thanks! Sorry I thought these forums were for VideoHive, I wasn’t aware that when I clicked “Forum”, that it would take me to a forum for all Envato marketplaces.

So to clarify, it’s for my first motion graphics template, so a video preview is a requirement