Want to become an author to sell some Intro template of my creation, some help needed!

Good day all,
I have joined the Videohive community long back in the year of 2011 I think.
Actually it was for purchasing some intro templates for my clients, though I have not purchased but sent some of the links of the item page so that they can purchase a template of their own.

Recently, I am creating some small After Effects intro templates.

So my question is how do I make it sure that I can sell an item or meet the standard so that the items could be sold?
Any ideas or thoughts would be highly appreciated.

thank you.


No one can tell if your items whether being accepted or selling well, it depends on your professionalism on making templates, do your research on the market and take a little tour around the market and then defined your ideas that should have a unique style and completely different than the authors.

Here is also a useful article on the file preparation for submission

Hi pxlzero,

I have never uploaded anything before. So wanted to get some inputs as to how to develop the templates or files etc.
Though I can understand that no one will be able to tell me that but you have given some very good information here. Your help is very much appreciated.
I am following you now.

Thanks very much for the information.