newbie asks where to start

Hi there Envatos well, i am new here and I have some questions for the experts, (im willing to sell graphic and video designs)

1-is there any free resources for a starter to make his debut ?

2- is it possible to make my templates using alternative softwares like gimp instead of adobe Photoshop or Hitfilmexpress instead of after effects ?

3- if anyone has some sites that afford free to use resources that would be great help .


  • About “free resources”, if you mean for inspiration and ideas for your projects, you can see all envato sites to check the quality level nowadays here, as long as you don´t copy any project, video, graphic, etc, just for inspiration. But if you mean “free resources” as free elements that you can use commercially to resell inside your projects here, then you have to search for elements with license that allows this commercial use.
  • You can use those alternative softwares (Gimp, Hitfilmexpress) just to make final versions of the assets that you´re going to put in your projects (for example: use the software you like to make a png that you are going to include in your project), but not for the customers to edit, because the softwares used to sell here are After Effects and Photoshop instead of those you mentioned, and customers are going to use these softs to edit your work.

Good Luck!

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thank you for the helpful tips .

you´re welcome

just to add few things to GoForMotion’s post, you can sell graphicrivers background category( which accepts PNG format), font & icon creation & videohives motion graphics category( Portfolio review required here to upload).

thank you