I'm a new AUTHOR, and I need help !!!

Hi everyone, I’m a new author, working on my first video project, I’ve been wondering how those projects on the site contain the original footages without “videohive” logo. I downloaded some preview footages which have the logo on the surface, but I’m still wondering how to use original ones, should I buy them or use free footages from another site or what?

I’ve just moved this to the VideoHive section of the forums, rather than the customer section :wink:

You can use the Videohive stock footage previews with watermark and also you can use from Photodune (Images)

you can also use from videos from Vimeo, Flickr etc… with Creative Commons Attribution licence with appropriate link to original items

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Here are some sites where you can find free photos for your project:


But don’t forget: when a purchaser buy your project, it must be empty. Without photo, video, logo, any details. Your project can includes just the material that is entirely your own and you have full rights to sell it on Envato


Thanks a lot for these sites :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: