Using Images in your Projects

Hello Everyone,

I started learning After Effects 5 months ago and recently I finished my first ever project, so I am excited and ready to upload it on VideoHive. However, I know that there are a lot of rules in terms of content that you use in your product preview video. I want to use some wallpapers to demonstrate to potential costumers what you can do, but I am struggling at finding them… I am new to this business and it would be great to hear some insight from experienced authors. Mainly I want to know if there is any quick way to find images that I can use, and how to use them correctly (e.g. mentioning the author I took it from).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Plenty of free high-quality images are out there in the internet that are absolutely free to use for commercial purposes. If you google Creative Commons Zero images you’ll get a bunch of websites that offer images under the CC0 license. In my opinion is the best of them.


Thanks a lot! You are a life savior <3

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