Footage used in Videohive Previews.

Hi, everyone!

I saw some really amazing footage in some really amazing videohive templates! I have a fairly simple question, I’m pretty sure, every videohive author has asked himself. What footage(mainly about awesome video footage) can we use in our videohive AE template’s previews?

I know there is this topic (Locked) Essential Resources for Authors. It has tons of useful information, but still I see that some authors are using videos for example from Youtube or Vimeo. Do they contact the editor of the video and get some kind of permission? Or maybe there are some other ways? Please, who really knows, clarify the situation :slight_smile:

Videohive’s authors don’t contact to the editor of the video. You just should choose files with the needful license. Youtube and Vimeo have licenses filter. Just post a link under your project, and be happy)

Thank you for the explanation! One more question, are videohive template’s previews considered as commercial or non-commercial works?
As far as I understand when footage is not included, it should be considered as non-commercial work, right?

When footage is not included, it’s still commercial used. I guess

You need to look after the license that allowing ti use commercial use

Yeap! That’s wright

Allright, thank you. So, considering Youtube filters it’s Creative Commons, and Vimeo filters CC BY or CC0?

Okay, nevermind, I found the answer.