What kind of Videos allowed used in project previews?


Please let me know What kind of Videos or Clips are allowed to be used in project previews?


Hi. Here you have all the guidelines to upload an item, including video preview formats:


I think that page does not clearly state what is allowed to use in preview, only what are requirements for the item itself.
So I try to answer this in my own words for you @Phoenix_Studio :slight_smile:

You should have a license to use the video/photograph/whatever commercially, because you are using it to advertise your item and that is a commercial use.

For example, a creative commons noncommercial license is not allowed. Creative Common licenses are very well explained in the web, so read up on them which of them are allowing commercial use (most of the non-commercial licenses have a clear “non-commercial” in their name).

If there are any requirements bound to that license, like an attribution, you have to fulfill these requirements. For example, give attribution in a reasonable manner (i.e. so that is clearly to see for everyone who is looking for it).

Even if attribution is not required, I think it is fair to give a shout out to the people whose work you are using, especially if you did not pay for it.

Other than commercial use licenses, there are public domain items which are basically copyright-free (the creative commons version of those are CC0), this means you can do with them whatever you like.
However, as I said, an attribution is fair nonetheless.


Vimeo has search filter Use CC 0 , you will find lot s of video there.

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Thanks for your answers . I really Appreciate it