I need advice from the authors

Hello members of the forum, I am a new author, therefore I do not have the same experience as many authors here, in short I have been observing Envato markets for some time to create something valuable. For me the direction that I like and have the opportunity to do is openers, slideshows that are in clear wrestling with the dynamics is exactly what is my source of inspiration. I created a few intro openers though they were rejected, so any of you who are directly involved in making openers can find some time to better understand what it should look like, model the main file, how to customize it, or give me some handouts that will definitely work. Even with the mistakes you made in your time, what is important to create everything?
I want to be actively involved in this direction, please help me, share. For all this I will certainly be very grateful and in the future I will always remember who was the teacher of everything for me.

Thanks for answers

Hi, if you want feeback on your work you can upload the preview videos and post them to this forum.

Else create stuff, get rejected, create again, look at the market and try again till you understand what works. None of us got any guide books of what and how to create. Thats the work that each author has to figure out for themselves by themselves. (Unsell you hire some private strategist for yourself :grinning:).

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First of all thanks for the feedback, secondly I did not say that you taught me how to create where to use transitions, how to assemble, how to arrange videos and so on. I’ve had experience with this, I’m just wondering what the structure of the templates should look like. Probably the best way to help me is to just show me a screen to look at how to arrange the file structure how to use nest so that clients can easily edit this is my problem and of course i can do the rest from time to time.

I see, well you can always buy already created templates and see how it’s done - that’s how I learned :smiley: Consider it an investment into your business. Or you can try downloading free templates that are offered here monthly. Or even competitor sites free templates.

But overall templates most of the time get rejected for quality reasons in regards to design/animation/value/new ideas. If your project is good enough on those aspects but somehow wrong in the technical side, you will most likely get a soft rejection with instructions to fix the technical issues.

And once those issues are fixed you will get approved.

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It is understandable just new on each attempt when it is rejected then you have to reassemble with different changes that is tiring, but what other way? Success takes time. Thank you for everything good luck

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