Licensing Question - help!

Hello Envato Community

I have a question regarding music licenses and I would love to get some clarification. I’ve read the terms of the Music Standard License which pretty much covers any basic usage of the file somebody bought. My question here is:

I’m planning on putting together a video template and I will love to include some background music to it. Will the Standard License allow this (as I’m sure such template will not reach the 10.000 downloads threshold) or do I have to acquire a different sort of license. Which one?

Thnaks for your help!

No license covers your intended usage. Indeed the end product would not be your template but each video made out of this template. So you would need a license for each of those videos.

If you’re planning to release your template on VideoHive, the common practice is to use the preview track on your preview video and put a link to the audio in the item description, so that your buyers can buy the music as well.


Thank you very much for your help. I suspected it could be something like that but I needed to be completely sure.