Would like to ask for confirmation on Music License

Dear Envato,

I would like to ask do our team able to use the pieces of music on Envato to make videos like this?
:point_right: Choose a Music from Envato
:point_right: Create a video with a Music Visualizer and the Music.
:point_right: Post on YouTube.

We are not going to distribute to the 3rd party, we are just creating a video with Envato music and presenting it to the public.

If it does comply with the license of music, then our team would like to subscribe soon.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

You can read all about licenses here;


I see two issues with type of videos:

First, what is the purpose of the video? Your example looks like a mere visual support for the music. It should be the other way around, ie the music should support your video project, which has to be greater in scope than the music itself.

Second, the text “free license music” is problematic. The music is not free, so what is this about?

To be honest this seems pretty fishy, and in my opinion, too borderline to fall within the license terms.

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Thanks for your reply, PurpleFog.

Regarding the 1st question, we would like to focus on the music and the Video Visualizer will support the music and become a video-music. For example in the previous main question, I have edited the description of the question just now.

For 2nd question, we have just created the channel a few weeks ago. We created the pieces of music and we post the music in video type on YouTube.

However, if we change our channel name and declare it is not free, copyright is owned by Envato, and create a video with Envato’s music, does it comply with the regulations?

This is indeed what I had understood, and unfortunately this is not allowed as per Envato’s terms. The music is to be used as the soundtrack to an original visual content. A mere music visualizer would not be considered as “greater in scope” as required by the terms.

The only way I see it being allowed would be to use music previews and use your videos as affiliate marketing and put affiliate links to the items used. But I don’t know if this is in line with what you want to do here.

This is only my opinion as an author, of course.

Suppose if I have many small clips of beautiful nature (10-40 seconds each clip) and join them as video and use envato music as background music , is this allowed ?
I mean this is for a meditation music channel which will have many such videos.