Please help me with license questions

Hi There guys!

(Sorry for bad english, its not my native language).
I LOVE Envato! Ive done many projects with the help of this company and im so grateful!
Now, I have a question!

A company lets call them Examplecompany, want me to make a commercial for a product release.
I said, “sure no problem”! And started to work!

I downloaded a video template that i thought was really nice and i added my own text to it, changed some things and of course added the companys movie material.

Then i downloaded a song and just added it as it is to the movie from “music” in the Envato-list.

Then i downloaded two video templates for logos. So i downloaded one cool logo template with a robotic arm and i changed the logo, some colors and added some more logos under.
The second one i didnt change any colours (because i couldnt in After Effects). But i added the companys logo and website.

I assembled everything and made a cool commercial video with everything above.

So, this is the question. I downloaded all of them with license (i choose project and clicked download).
But I wonder, how can the company use this? Who can they show it to? Is it free to show on social media such as facebook? What rights do they have? When and where can they show it?

Ive really tried to search the license instructions but i really dont get it.

I ask because I really want to respect your guidelines and I want to respect the rules of the creators because i think youre awesome! I simply dont want to upset someone or make a mistake.

Can you please help me? :slight_smile:

Best regards