Licensing multiple parts.

Hello everyone,

About 4 years ago somebody directed me to this awesome website for design products/templates/music you can buy and use for e.g. your own website, video or other product.

Last year I decided to buy an After Effects intro sting for a possible hobby Youtube channel so I fiddled around with it a bit in After Effects to see what it was all about but didn’t use it an end products just for self learning.

This year things got a bit more seriously and I started to create and stack up some gaming/informative footage for a Youtube channel. But I also wanted a cool logo to go with my Youtube channel so I looked around Envato Market for a couple of weeks and ended up buying for about 100 dollars:
3x an After Effects logo sting all with Regular Licenses
1x a Logo with Logo License
2x Logo music with Music Standard License

In my end product videos I used 1x Logo 1x Logo Sting 1x Logo music (10 short episodes at the moment)
I was about to go live with my channel and upload the videos + the option monetize youtube activated until a friend of mine warned me about the licensing and there might be a limit on how many views I can use it until videos get removed or audio disabled? Or my products weren’t even meant to use on Youtube?

So the next step I took was read the Licenses overview of all the products I bought, search the forums about youtube and licenses but I’m still a bit worried on how to act next, Am I safe to go online or did I make a mistake in buying these products for my Youtube channel? Sorry if my story is a bit vague but I’m a bit confused at the moment on how to act next, I’m reading information and forum topics which contradict each other on what is allowed and what is not with my licensed products.


You can contact Envato Support and they will give competent answer to all your question about license!

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