Hello new here, buying multiple tracks but need help please

Ok I want to use some of the tracks as clips for into and outro on a podcast and/or YouTube videos. Can I use them? I intend on crediting the author and Encanto in the description of posts or on my channel. I don’t want to dump a ton of money in something I can’t use the way I want.

I’ve tried searching so forgive me if this has been answered in laymens terms already, I may have missed it I’m pressed for time on a project.
Thanks for the help

Or if someone can point me in the right direction please?

Hi, @XisThatKid!

If I understood you right, you want use this tracks multiple times as a part of your intro with one license per track? If so, then I think you can do it, according to the License’s FAQ. (But only if it is the same intro. If you want use track for different intros then you need to purchase license for each intro) https://audiojungle.net/licenses/faq#logo-sting-a

I am using an After Effects template to create my logo sting (logo reveal). Do I need to buy a license for each movie that logo sting goes in?
No. The customized/rendered logo reveal is the final end product and it can be used in any number of movies without having to purchase another license. Remember that you need a new license for each use of the template to create a unique logo reveal.

This quote is about a Videohive logo, but I think it is fair for Audiojungle too. Hope it will help :slight_smile:
If you still have questiones then contact with support team

Hey Xis,

Do you mean that you want to use the music for free? As in, use the preview download and use that in your podcast in return of credits?
Or do want to buy a license, but you are not sure what license to get?