Can a track purchased once be used in different videos?

Hi guys. If a track was purchased once under a standard license, but I found a YouTube channel where this track was used several times in different videos, is this legal or does a person need a separate license for each of the videos? I’m pretty sure it’s the second one. But before contacting the author of that channel, I want to make sure that I’m right. Can you please tell me if a separate license is required for each video? Thanks a lot in advance for your feedback

Just read the license. If you as an author don’t understand the license terms why should you expect the buyer to understand them?

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Indeed, one license is good for one end-product, which in most cases means one video.

However, in some cases, the end-product may be the intro, or opener of the video. As long as it’s strictly always the same with no modification (no different voice-over or typo). In that case, the intro can be used in any number of videos.

There is also a “series policy”, that allows for one license to be used in up to 52 episodes within a year of the first installment. The episodes have to be connected and part of a same series, for this to work.

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ouch!.. but true

I guess I just get a bit annoyed when an author screws his/hers fellow authors over by selling the standard license for 5$ and then ask the very same authors for help to chase down the extra cents…


“SCREWS HIS/HERS FELLOW AUTHORS OVER”. Kindly tell me in what way I screw my fellow authors over? My portfolio consists of tracks from 5 to 50$. Why? Just because I can do it. Simply because Envato Market has provided such an opportunity for authors to set their own prices. Therefore, I’m free to work according to my strategy, set any price and experiment with the price. And I certainly do not intend to screw my fellow authors over.

I’m very sorry that you are annoyed by my simple question, about which I created this topic. I hope you feel well.

On topic, @PurpleFog thanks for your reply.

@Hyperprod Please note that I will not continue this discussion, as this is off topic and I do not see the point in it. If you disagree with me on something, so be it. Everyone has their own opinion. Have a nice weekend!

@SoundVessel Ok, good luck with your sales strategy.