A question about licenses!

Hey everyone!
I’ve got a question about licenses… (I’m new here XD)
I found an interesting item on Audiojungle and I was thinking about purchasing it for my YouTube intro…
The license (Music Standard) says that I can use it for only one product.
But could I use this product in multiple videos (the intro will always be the same)?
Thanks! ^-^


In most cases, the video would be the end product. So one license would cover one video.

However, if the intro is always strictly the same with no modification/variation whatsoever and simply slapped in front of the video as is, then the intro could be considered to be the end-product, you could then use this end-product in any number of videos. (For this to work there cannot be different text overlays nor voice-overs).

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you! ^-^/