Audiojungle music as Youtube-Clips-Intro: License?

Hi there, I have a license question:
I want to produce an intro for all my videos I publish on my youtube channel.
Is that the “Music Standard”-License? The Intro will be always exactly the same = one product. …But it will be used in several different episode in that series!
What licese do I need? Can you help me?


If the intro is always the same then it would indeed be considered as the end product. So a single Standard license would be fine indeed.

Hope it helps!


However, you need to buy a new license once a year if you continue uploading videos using that track.

There’s also a maximum of 52 videos per license.

What constitutes a series (eg TV series, webisodes, or a magazine with monthly editions)?

To be considered a series, all things in the series (eg episode, edition) must be connected, and be released within 1 year of the first installment. There is also a maximum of 52 episodes or editions within the series.

Example: A 12 episode TV series that starts in December and ends in July would only require a single license. A YouTube series that releases an episode every week (52 total) would only need to purchase a license once every year. A magazine that releases an edition every other month would need to purchase a license once every year.

This is true if the video is considered to be the end product. If it’s the intro however, there is no limitation whatsoever.

Hm, that makes perfect sense. And it’s implied by the FAQ now that I read through it carefully. This section of the FAQ could be rewritten with a proper example, though.

Thanks so much.

I’m sure everyone is familiar with a nightly news broadcast, it runs the same intro graphics and music every night, but replaces the footage based on top stories. I’d like to use an audio track and graphic template in a similar manner, which license do I require?

Thanks for the answer I had the same doubt

So does that mean if I use it only as an intro that I never need to purchase an additional license? Thanks.

If the intro is always strictly the same with no modification whatsoever, then yes you could argue that the intro is the end product indeed. You may want to confirm this with support though.