Use my track for intro/outro of a series of youtube videos: which licence?

I am starting to read the licenses details but I am not 100%…
If someone wants to use my music for intro and outro of a series of videos (on a dedicated website and on youtube), is the standard license sufficient for this repeated usage?


I recently had a customer ask me this so I read the licence details over and over to make sure I understood it.

For a series of online videos they can use the standard music licence, and they can make 52 videos in that series, within 1 year.

So if they want to make more than 52 videos, or if the series exceeds 1 year, then they buy another standard licence at that time.

I think that’s correct!

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Thanks, by any chance do you have a pointer to the part of the license that tells something about this one year… This is not really convenient for the customer…

It’s in the licence FAQ here;

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Also, if the intro/outro is always the same (same video/sound/text), then the intro would be considered to be the end product and could then be used in any number of videos.

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Thanks, this is exactly what I needed.

Well I don’t have the details, but I guess yes, it will be roughly the same.
So it means I should take note and check that one year from now, the customer renews its license if they still produce videos using the music, I am right?

So for now, they just have to buy the standard license and they are up and running for a full year, correct?

Thanks guys for your answers ! :slight_smile:

Right. Although, the episodes have to be related and part of the same series. It doesn’t work for just any video.

But if the intro is exactly the same (not roughly, meaning it’s been rendered once and is used as is with no further modifications whatsoever), then they’d only need one license for their intro (and a second one for the outro maybe, but that’s debatable), with no limitations in time and number of videos whatsoever. No need for the series policy in this case.

As an author, I think that not counting a final video as the end product is a bit unfair and can lead to abuse. But that’s how it is.

Thanks… well the use case is a bunch of tutorial videos that will be totally related. I don’t know how many of them.

im very lost. I want to use a template for a new intro. my intro will be the same for next year or so, I assuming I buy a standard licence once and that’s it. how does youtube know that intro is genuine or paid for?
im lost.

If your intro is always the same with no modifications whatsoever, then the intro would indeed be the end product and would require only one license.

Youtube doesn’t know nor care if the material is licensed or not. They will issue a copyright notice if a video contains copyrighted material that is registered with ContentID. You can then use your license to lift the copyright notice.

This applies fro music. As you are talking about a video template, things may be different. I think that for now, video material cannot be registered with ContentID. So no copyright notice, in this case.

Hope it helps!

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