Music License for Video


I’m a beginner video editor and I have a question concerning the music license.
I am making an intro and outro for a business’ vlog with one song.
Now is my question: What License do I need to buy (and how many (one for intro and one for outro or just one)?
The case is that I make an intro and outro and just copy the vlog video in between (so technically it is one and product).

Hope you can help me and thanks in advance! (Hope this is the right place to ask)


do you intend to use the intro and outro on this video only, or on other videos you make in the future?

Hi there,

You’ll be fine with one standard license. It allows for usage 52 times within a year of purchase when its used as a theme song (for lack of a better word). After either 52 videos or one year, whichever comes first, you’ll have to purchase again.

Hope this helps!

Not 10.000 but 1…

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You should be okay with 1 licence as long as its 1 end product, or as mentioned above, a series of up to 52 episodes.

yes, 1 end product.

Okay thank you very much!