Audio Licensing for multiple videos

I’m working on a 91 part subscription based series. These are all short videos (2 to 4 minutes for the most part). We will be charging for the service, but not per video. I have a short clip I created for the intro, and found a piece of music that works well on audio jungle. What type of licensing to I need to purchase to be able to use that audio clip in the intro of all 91 videos? It’s the same intro for all of the videos. Do I have to buy it 91 times?

If the intro is always exactly the same, then the intro would be the end product which you can then use in any number of videos.

If it is slightly different, then the series policy would come into play and a single standard license would cover up to 52 episodes. So in your case, you would need two.

Hope it helps.

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Perfect! Thank you!