Quoestion about licensing


I’m new to AudioJungle and have a question about different licences.

I’m doing a video series for a client who introduces different products that are sold in his web store. There are about 40-50 different products and for each of those there is a video. I would like to use same background music for all of them, which licence should I look for? Buying 40-50 licences seems a bit surreal.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

For an author, selling one license for 40-50 videos seems a bit surreal as well. Guess it’s a matter of perspective :wink:

One license = one end product. So, one video. Unless You use the music as an intro that’s always the same in all videos, in which case, the intro would be the end-product, which you could then use i any number of videos.

The only way to use one license for more than one end product is if your videos are episodes of a series. In that case, you can use one license for up to 52 videos or a year (whichever comes first). If your videos are related and follow the same format, maybe the series policy can apply there.