Can "Single End Product" mean multiple similar videos?

I want to use one audio track for the intro and outro title cards across multiple fitness videos (each video is the same aesthetic, location, actor - they just have a different stretch/movement per a video.

Do I need to buy multiple licenses?

No, that kind of usage is generally considered a “series”, and you can apply that same license to up to 52 videos released in one year’s time.

From the licensing FAQs:

"Do I need a separate license each time I use an item in a series?

No. You only need to purchase the item once per series.

What constitutes a series (eg TV series, webisodes, or a magazine with monthly editions)?

To be considered a series, all things in the series (eg episode, edition) must be connected, and be released within 1 year of the first installment. There is also a maximum of 52 episodes or editions within the series.

Example: A 12 episode TV series that starts in December and ends in July would only require a single license. A YouTube series that releases an episode every week (52 total) would only need to purchase a license once every year. A magazine that releases an edition every other month would need to purchase a license once every year.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Patrick, @St-TropezMedia’s suggestion is likely your best bet, but if you plan on making more than 52 videos in this series in a year, or you intend to keep making new videos in the series for multiple years, then there might be another option available for you.
If your intros and end boards are identical (i.e. a copy-paste) in all of the videos, then you could call those slates your ‘end product(s)’ which would mean that you will need to buy 2 licences in total (one for the intro, and one for the outro) for all videos that you make which use those slates. If the intro and outro slates are also identical, then you would only need one licence. Bear in mind though, that if you change the slate(s) at all in the future, you will need to buy (a) new licence(s).