Question on the number of licenses I need...

Hello, I have in mind a collection of audio elements (music and SFX) which I am putting together for an intro/outro of a podcast. The end product on the intro would have a different voiceover than on the outro. My question is, do I need to buy two licenses for the music and SFX that would be in the intro and the outro since they are different, but obviously of the same file (and would not be changed over the course of 52 episodes)? I am publishing twice a week so the license would only run 26 weeks.

I also have a question about possibly using the intro as the soundtrack of a video intro for a video series on YouTube - of the same name and concept. Would I have to buy more licenses for each of the music and SFX even though the audio would be technically exactly the same as the podcast?


There are two ways to look at things, depending on what you consider to be the end product.

If you consider the podcast episode to be the end-product, then you’ll only need one license for the episode, even if you use the music more than once within the same video. You can then invoke the series policy so as to use the same license for up to 52 episodes, as long as your use fulfills the requirements for the said policy.

If you consider the intro to be the end product, and the outro to be another end-product, then you’ll need to have a separate license for each. But you’ll then be able to use those end-products in as many episodes as you wish, as you’ll be using the same end-product. For this to work, the intro and outro have to be used as is with no modification whatsoever (no different titles, voice-overs,…). There also might be some arguing about whether an end-product can be a mere component of something else.

As for Youtube, the videos would be a different type of end-product than the audio podcast and would thus require their own licenses.

Hope it helps

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