New buyer - What is 'one end product'?

Hi. I haven’t bought anything from Audio Jungle before. I’ve read over the licensing help pages but still have a question. I was wanting to buy a couple of songs for my YouTube videos. One song in particular would be in several of my youtube videos right at the end of each video. In licensing it refers to ‘one end product’. Is one end product, a single YouTube video, or can I pay once for the song and use the song in several of my videos on my channel? Just wanting to make sure I do the right thing. Thanks.


In most cases the end product would be a single video, and you would have to buy a new license for each video. Unless the track you want to put at the end of your videos plays over the exact same video material every time, in which case, the outro would be considered the end product, you’d then be able to use this end product in as many videos as you wish.

Also, if your videos are part of a series (video 1 is episode1, video 2 episode 2, and so on), then the series policy comes into play and allows you to use a single license for up to 52 episodes within a year.

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One end product means one video, one logo, outro, captions, some transition which can be met in each your video, rubric of the channel etc.
With the other moments I’m agree with PurpleFogSound

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It’s very similar to my inquire. So, if I have a serie of training videos for example with 52 chapters, but concerning one big project, a single standard license will allow me to use same music (an extract of that) in all those 52 chapters? From chapter 53 (second season…) do I need a new license?

And also, pointing to the YouTube example, if the track is “…plays over the exact same video material [same footage] every time…” but usually is not same same footage; they are just similar because belong to one serie. One chapter can show a graphic “See you next video” in green color. Other chapter same text but with blue color, or maybe the music is played over the announcer saying “Bye bye see you next video…” I don’t see the reason to consider different end products…

Yes, that is correct. Also worth mentioning that the series policy only lasts for a year. So if you make a monthly series instead of weekly, you would then need to buy a new licence for the next year’s episodes, 13-24.

This point is a little bit more complicated. As far as I understand it, the idea behind this rule is that video makers can make an intro or an outro featuring say, a logo or some motion graphics which they then copy and paste on all their videos without the need to change it. This intro/outro is then considered to be the end product, not the video episode itself.
Take this for example:

The section from 20s-32s is an intro that this guy made 3 years ago and he’s used it in hundreds of his videos since. It’s always the same. If he licenced that music from Audio Jungle, he would have just needed to buy one standard licence, as the intro clip is the end product.
If you find that when you make your Youtube video, you are making a different intro or outro every time, with different text, dialogue etc. then the policy doesn’t apply, and you need a new licence every time. (Unless the series policy applies to you, as mentioned before.)
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Thank U, but this belongs to Envato ELEMENTS subscribers, right? Because, I am new, and I see that Envato MARKET has different kind of licensing, right?

I’m not the right guy to answer anything concerning Elements.
The things that I mentioned above apply to Audio Jungle music items.

For more info, have a read through these pages:

Audio Jungle Music Standard Licence
Envato Market Licence FAQs

Elements has its own licencing rules which you can read here:

Elements Licence Terms