Music for Video: What kind of license?

Hi all!

I got a question concerning the music license.
Here’s the case. I’m going to edit a lot of video’s for a online course. First of all with intro and outro music. I know that if the footage is the same (for intro and outro) I can use 1 one year license. But within the video we want some music too for background in some particular cases. Is this the same license? So one (probably different music) standard license? It is not for over 1 million viewers.

Hopefully you can help me out!

Joris Janbroers


For the intro and outro music, if the video part is always the same then the intro and/or outro is considered to be the end product. So that’s one license for the intro and one license for the outro, but this is not time restricted. You won’t have to renew your license after a year has passed, as long as your end products (intro, outro) are not modified.

For the music within the video, this is where the so called series policy kicks in. Your online course can be considered a series, for which only one license is needed for the course of a year (or 52 episodes, whichever comes first). However this is valid only for a same music track. If you plan on having different music tracks, you’ll have to have a license for each.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks that was exactly what I thought was needed for a intro. So I got it a bit mixed up.
Thank you for your reply and clear answer!!

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