Music Standard License for series, HELP


I’m making short videos (30-40 sec) showing sport movements and I would like to know if it’s considered as a serie or not? I’ll make a lot of them.

I understood that if I buy a song I can use it for 52 videos within 1 year and then buy the same license again if I need more. Is it right ? I want to be all fixed to be able to start producing without any copyrights issues :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

Hi there,

Yes this sounds pretty much how it works, but I’m eager to see what other will say to this.!

Good luck with the series!!

Hi loicsuperplus,

yes it seems like you can buy only one license for your videos if it fits the requirements to be considered as a series.
(same subject, same format, same credits, common title, …)

Indeed you can use it for 52 videos within a year and then buy the same license again.

Yes it’s always the same format, same intro/outro & music but different movements.

Here’s the test I made with the song I found on Audiojungle:

Thanks a lot for you answers! This is helping me a lot :slight_smile:

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