Need som help regarding licenses!

Hi there fellas!
I got a mail from a customer with questions about what type of license he would need for his YouTube channel. I answered that a standard license would be fine, but then he had further questions which I was unsure of:
“Hi! Thanks for your answer! I have not buy it yet but i will! Just another question, my youtube channel will have 3 different “shows” inside the channel, could i use the music in all the “shows” intro? Or the license is just for one time video? Im new in this sorry!”

Could someone help me out here?


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Interesting question! I would think one license for each video? But I’m interested to hear others responses.

If the videos are clearly connected as part of a single project, like a video series, then the music can be used up to 52 times per year (within 1 year of licensing the track) under a single license. This is still classified as a single-use, provided every video using the music belongs to one larger end product.

So if your customer was planning on making an intro that is used in different episodes of a single YouTube series, they will only need one Music Standard License per 52 videos. :slight_smile:

If they want to use the music in several individual, separate videos, then they will need to purchase a license for each video.


Thanks for the info AA. Very helpful. Is this stuff included on some kind of AJ user guide?

Yep - it’s all covered in the license guide. The details of what a “single application” means is outlined here:


Thanks! I’ll read up

Thanks AurusAudio!
That makes sense, but if every “show” includes several videos then I guess he would need one license for each “show”. He was talking about three different.

Yes, if the videos are different and not connected in any way then multiple licenses are required. The only case where one single license would be allowed would be if they are all closely related as part of a single series. Three different “shows” in this case would mean three different series, and thus would definitely require 3 standard licenses.

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