A question from a potential buyer about a license. What should I answer him?

Hello. Here is his question:
"congratulations on the excellent work. I intend to set up a youtube channel and would like to use this soundtrack in my videos so that I don’t talk in absolute silence. should i buy standard or extended license? I didn’t quite understand the difference between them. thanks! "

What should I answer him?

For YouTube the Standard license is enough. However a license is good for one video, not for a whole channel.

If their video are episodes of a same series, they can then invoke the series policy which allows them to use one license for up to 52 episodes within a year.


Thanks for the answer.
The buyer still has questions.

“Ok! If I publish two videos a week it will total double 52. In this case, should I purchase two standard licenses? Or do I have to choose another specific license? Thank you.”

What should I answer him?

Two standard licenses.

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There is no license that allows for multiple use for music. So, for a same series that would have 104 episodes, two standard licenses would be required.

However, the videos have to be episodes of a same series that have a common theme or subject. It doesn’t work for any video. If they are not actually part of a same series, those 104 videos would require 104 licenses.

As a side note, it’s always a good thing for authors to familiarize themselves with what it is they’re selling.

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Thanks. I have relayed this answer too.