Which license for monetizing youtube video

Hi, ive purchased a standard license track and use it in most of my videos towards the end. Just want to clarify this is ok?


It’s okay, standard license can be used up to 54 episodes of Youtube Videos. Want to use it in more episodes?buy more standard license (CMIIW) :wink:

A standard license is fine for a YouTube video.

Do you use the track in multiple videos? If so, then you need a license for each video unless your videos are connected somehow and can be considered a series then as FASSounds has said, one license can cover up to 54 52 uses of the track or 1 year (whichever comes first).

Thanks, so if it is used for i.e an outro it is ok for 52 videos as its not used for anything else in the video other than the outro?

Thank you

Assuming the visual part of your outro will be the same in all of your videos, the track and the visual part will form together the ‘end product’ that can be used as many times as wish with just one license. If you ever wanted to change your outro and use the same track, then you would need to purchase another license for that track.

Hope that makes sense.

shew, exactly what i wanted to hear. thank you.