Licence for episodic videos for Youtube channel

Hello, I make episodical workout videos on Youtube. When I buy a song with Music Standart Licence, can I use this song in different videos? For example, I have a series of 10 workouts, is it possible to use a song in all that videos, or I need to purchase different licence for that? Or for each video I need to buy Standart Licence? Can I monetize those videos? Thank you, look forward for your help.

If you use single music on different videos and have huge viewings, you should buy music broadcast license, there are 2 or 3 licenses available, buy 1 which suits you best.

If the videos are part of a series you can get a standard license and use it for up to 52 episodes or 1 year. After 1 year or 52 episodes you’ll need to buy another license.

This is the answer. And if you only use them on online platform like Youtube, Facebook, etc you just need standard license. Even if your videos get millions views, no need to buy broadcast or million license.

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Not if its just for YouTube. What FASSounds said… you can have unlimited views on YouTube with a standard license.