Youtube Product Licence

Hi there,

Firstly my name is Serhat, (from Turkey) . Sorry for bad language.

I need music to promote my products,but; I don’t know which license to i can use.
My videos contain a description of my products. I want to use the music I bought in all my videos.
Finally; I am a corporate customer.

  • Music Standart License,

  • Music Broadcast ( 1million)

  • Music mass repr…

  • Music Broadcast (10 million )

  • Music Broadcast & Film

(My producs vids like : )
Thank you for read…

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Hello Serhat,

For Youtube, you need to choose the Music Standard License.

However, the license allows for only one end-product (one video). You cannot get one license to use in all your videos.

Hope it helps!

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Hi again,
1 licence = 1 product video. Is it true ?
If your answer is " yes ", it gonna be to expensive for us.

This depends on whether each video are connected as part of a larger, individual production. Are you making videos as part of a series, or is each new video an entirely new theme?

If each video is part of a larger series, then you can use the Standard License up to 52 times (equal to once per week for a year). Otherwise, as PurpleFog stated, you will need to purchase a Standard License for each video.

An example where one could use the Standard License 52 times would be a video intro (for example YouTube channel intro music) that is used in multiple difference videos.

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Hello there,

Thank you for everything…

my english grammar is very bad therefore i cant understand your description.

for example:

all of this machines different from others and doing different jobs. but all of this videos are mine. i wish to use my standart music licence & regular licence( lower third ae ) on this videos.

for example 2 : thermoforming mould, cabinet mould, foaming mould,

can i use this licences on all my videos ?
( please write simple description :slight_smile: )

( Envato must create translate for Turkish language. No one know information for this subject in our webmast. forums )


1 license = 1 video

Unless: videos are episodes of a series. In this case: 1 license = 52 videos or 1 year.

In your case, I don’t think the series policy can apply. So 1 license = 1 video.

Your case isn’t obvious. I would recommend contacting Envato Support. Maybe it can be seen as a kind of series?