Audio Licence for tutorial youtube videos

Hi. I have question i want choose audio for my tutorial youtube videos which licence i need?

i wand 4-6 videos with the same audio


Hi there,

For Youtube, the Music Standard License is what you want to choose.

If your videos are episodes of a series, you only need to get one license. If the videos are unrelated you’ll need a license for each video.

Hi @Alfinator,

A single standard license should cover what you want to do in this scenario.

As @PurpleFogSound mentioned, you may also use the music in up to 52 videos (all released within the space of 1 year) as long as each video is clearly interconnected as part of a series. A series counts as one end product and is still considered a single application. For more info visit this page:

Hope this helps!


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Thank you guys!

sorry just another question…
i have a youtube channel and i want to buy one of your audio track for my intro… can i use this audio track for all the intros of my videos ?? the intro audio and video is always going to be the same one, it never change… i’m talking about 30 videos for each game i’m going to make… So at the end i need this audio track for hundreds of videos… is it possible ? What licence do i need ? Thanks

Hi there @vale_valerio84; thanks for taking an interest in my music.

The Music Standard License permits usage of the music in a single end product. This usually means one license per video. However, if you have created a series of videos that are clearly connected as part of a larger single product (for example a YouTube channel intro), you are allowed to use the music up to 52 times - equivalent to one video per week - within the space of a year). In your case I’d say you will need to purchase one Standard License per game series (assuming there are less than 52 videos per game series).



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ok !!! so if i create for my youtube channel, for example 52 or less videos gameplay of the same game i can put audio track intros in Each 52 videos with one single licence ? correct ?
And if i start making another Game with 30 or 40 videos i I must buy another licence .Right? … if i undestand corectly can i buy the same audio trak like over and over again ?

Yep that’s it :slight_smile:

oks thanks

sorry last question… If in my youtube channel I have to make a “funny moments” section, and upload many videos of different video games parts
can I use one single license audio track for 52 videos? or its not possible ?
Thanks !

The funny moments videos would count as a new series so you would need 1 Standard License per 52 videos.

I have a similar question. I have YouTube talk channel. It means, i talk with different persons about different topics in every video and i want a short intro with nice musik (10-20sek). Do i need a licence for every single video, because we are talking on every video about a different topic?

Or is it okay, if i name the videos similar, like title of the 1. Video: “Jane Doe – How you get music for your videos – Talk with redfreakz #001” and the next video title “John Doe – Why it is annoying to ask stupid questions – Talk with redfreakz #002” and i need a new licence with the 53. video (maybe the trick is too obvious, but maybe it works :D)

AND if it works, i need a new intro when i make videos like “Funniest moments in Talk with redfreakz #001”, yes?