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Dear all,

If I need background music for my videos on my youtube channel, meaning that I need to use the same music for ALL videos. What kind of license I need to purchase. It says you can use one music pack for one end product…
It’s a bit pricy if I would need to buy one license for one video

Hi Angelina,

AJ licenses allow for one end product indeed, so only one video. However there is an exception with the series policy. If your videos are related (ie, they share a common theme or topic), then they may be considered part of a same series. In this case, you would need one license for 52 episodes (or a year, whichever comes first).

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for clarification! :slight_smile: This is one project, but will be many videos…
So one more question if you maybe know the answer. When I publish video on youtube would I need to mention the license in video description? And do I need to give a link to AJ? Thanks again! :slight_smile:

No mentions nor links needed in the description. You may have to provide your license info to a third-party though, if the track is registered with ContentID.

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Thank you again! Much appreciate you help!!!

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