"Using the same track in a few videos for the same company"?

Hi all!
I know that many questions were answered here regarding licensing but I would like to give a proper answer for this specific case.
Buyer asked me today:

“Please tell me can i use the same track in a few videos for same company?”

He bought a track and wants to use it in a few ( don’t know how many) different videos, for the same company, I guess.
How to answer?
I guess that he would need a separate license for every single video project? Or not?
Thanks for any help!
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If music will be placed in the same place - single license will be ok. For example if it will be used in intro.

If it will be used in different places - buyer needs to purchase as many licenses, as many products with your music he will create. For example - as a music background in different scenes in different videos.

It depends on how different the other videos are.

If they are variations of the first video (shorter version, alternate versions,…), then a single license is enough.

If they are “episode” of a series, then the series policy comes into play and one license will cover up to 52 episodes for a year.

If the music is used in an intro or other type of branding material that remains the same every time, the the intro and/or branding material is considered to be the end product that they can then use in as many videos as they wish.

If the videos are unrelated, then they need a license for each video.


Thank you @RedOctopus and @PurpleFogSound !
You helped me a lot. At this point buyer did’t give me any details how exactly he want’s to create those videos so many answers apply…

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