YouTube Usage..



Hey guys… I wanted to buy an intro here and a sound effect… Wanted to use them as an intro for my youtube channel… I don’t understand the license terms yet… so… am I allowed to use it in as many videos as I want? I just want to use it as an intro or maybe outro on my channel… (monetized videos of course)… Whats the deal?


You can only use the template once. But the resulting video you create using that template, can be used up to 52 times in a series. So if you do a weekly video then you’ll need a new license every year.*

*Double check this with someone more knowledgeable than me though… some people interpret the license slightly differently!


Tell me about it :stuck_out_tongue:


How about Sound?.. I want to use this for instance… It says I have tu purchase this audio too:

… and audio license says no broadcast… but YouTube is Broadcast, right?.. So can I use audio from AudioJungle in my YouTube Videos, or nah? And how many end products am I allowed to create with this audio?


Youtube isn’t classed as broadcast for the purpose of the AudioJungle license. Although I’m not 100% if you need one or several licenses, they only need to be regular licenses if they’re just going on Youtube.


But how many videos can I create with this particular audio file? I need specific information… sorry, don’t mean to be ungrateful… but I can’t find those information :confused:


I need this answer too. Can someone give us specific and clear information, please?


You can create only one end product with that audio file. Once you create the end product (e.g. intro, opener) and use the audio in it, you can use the end product as many times as you want.

But if you want to create another intro for another company or YouTube channel with the same audio file, you need to purchase a new standard license.