Question about license ( Audio Jungle )


I’ve read comments and the FAQs but couldn’t find the answer, or I found multiple answer and don’t know which one is correct.

I bought some songs and an opener for my youtube channel and as soon as I clicked on “purchase” i realised I hadn’t read the License Terms (my bad), then I read that you can you use it in just one end product for 52 times tops, so that would mean that after 52 videos I should buy AGAIN the songs and opener?

Then I read in another thread that the opener can be used limitlessly as long as I don’t modify it. This is ridiculous, really, so I can’t change the pictures/text in each video of the same series?

My question is, It’s only 52 times I can use the songs? Do i really have to keep track of how many times I’ve used them? is it the same for the opener?

Thanks and sorry if I sound a bit cranky but it’s just I can’t belive there isn’t any option to extend that o buy items permanently without being on the alert of how many times I’ve already used each item I purchased.

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Not too familiar with video licenses, but I can answer for the audio part.

When you buy a license for a track, you can use this track in only one project. However there is indeed an exception for series. You can use the track within the series up to year or 52 videos (whichever comes first). You would have to renew your license if you series ran for more than a year or had more than 52 vids during that year.

If the track is used in an opener that remains unchanged, then the opener is considered as the end product, not the whole video. In this case you can use the track in as many videos as you wish, since you’ve actually used once, in the opener.

Hope it helps… though I’m guessing this not what you wanted to hear :wink:

Hey PurpleFog,

Thank you very much for your answer! It clarifies some doubts :slight_smile:

If I use an opener but the background music (that will play during the video AND the opener) changes depending on the video, that would count as two different end products? I mean only the opener, since its music would be different each time, although images and so on would always be the same.

If you happened to know the answer, I would greatly appreciate it.


Well, this is a bit tricky and as I said I’m not an expert on video licenses.

The opener is considered as a single end product as long as you don’t modify it whatsoever, ie you do not re render it. So if the music changes, then it would become a different end product that would require a new license.

However you could render your opener without any music. And you could use this end product as an element of your videos and put the music on top of it. You would always use the same end product (the opener) within your projects and thus only need one license. I could be wrong though. There could be specific points preventing such use. You may want to dig in the License FAQs or contact support to make sure.

Thank you so much for your time.

I’ll contact support :slight_smile: