License for Podcast Theme


I am in the process of creating a new podcast. On AudioJungle, I have found a theme I would love to use as the intro and outro for the show.

I would use the beginning of the track, then fade it out as the talking begins. The outro would be similar, where the last part of the track would fade in, while we are saying the last few sentences of the episode, and then the episode would end with the last chord of the music track. Therefore the track would never be played in its entirety, only parts of it would be played, and the track would only be present in a very small percentage of each episode.

What license do I need? And do I need to renew the license after purchase? If the podcast is made available on SoundCloud and iTunes, what are the rules regarding downloads and audience?
From my understanding, if I make edits to the music track, I would have to renew the license for every 52nd episode. Does fade-in/fade-out count as an edit? Does talking over the fade-in/fade-out count?

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I will try to help you. Will intro be always the same? I suppose outro will be always different?


I will be working with one music track. The intro for the podcast will be the beginning of that music track, and the outro will be the ending of that music track. For each episode, I will always use the same music track, and the same parts of it will be used as the intro and the outro.

Yes, I understand that. But I’m asking about video. Will it be always the same in intro and outro in every episode?

There is no video. It is audio only.

OK! So I think we can treat it as a:

  • Two end products (intro and outro) = you would need two licenses (lifetime but only for intro and outro).
  • One end product (series of podcast) = you would need one license (52 episodes during one year)

It’s only my opinion as author, you can always double check it with Envato Support.

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