Music License for Podcast - Is it a series, and how are downloads calculated?

Hello everyone,

I’ve read most of the threads on the forum that have to do with music from AJ and podcasts, but I still have a couple questions unanswered.

First, I want the music to use it in the intro & possibly outro of my upcoming weekly podcast. In every episode, the intro & outro will be exactly the same; the song I’ve found as background music, plus a custom voiceover. There will be no variations to that intro. Does that make my podcast fall under “series”, or is a single license sufficient?

Second, I assume that the 10k download limit refers to compounding downloads, correct? (E.g. If I’ve released 10 episodes with 1k downloads each, I’ve hit the limit and need to upgrade my license)

Thank you in advance!


I think that you need two licenses - one for intro and second for outro. If they are always the same - it’s not a series and standard license should be ok.

Intro = one end product
Outro = second end product

But I would ask Envato client support about this.

Downloads - yes, I think they have to be compounded. You have to sum all downloads of the one end product.


Thanks for the quick response!

Regarding the first part of your answer: Do I need 2 licenses even if I use the same song for the intro and the outro? (just different parts of the song)

Thank you!

As your intro and outro are two distinct end products, then you would indeed need two distinct licenses.

If your podcast episode is the end product, then you’d need only one license… per episode (or take advantage of the series policy, and use one license per 52 episodes)

So, it’s either 2 licenses without the yearly renewal (unless I change the intro/outro) or 1 license per 52 episodes. Did I get that correctly?

Thank you for responding so quickly!

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Yup, that’s correct.