Podcast Intro Music Licensing

I am a brand new podcaster trying to demystify the licensing requirements of music for my podcast intro.

If I purchase a track through Audio Jungle to use as my (free) podcast intro music, with my voice recorded overtop of it, which license do I need?

Thank you!


For podcasts, the standard license is enough, unless your podcast gets downloaded more than 10 000 times, in which case it would require the Mass Reproduction license. You will be able to upgrade your license through Envato support, should you need to.

A license is good for only one end product. If there is no modification whatsoever on your intro (same voice-over), then the intro can be considered as the end product and then used as is in any number of podcast episodes.

If there is the slightest modification from one intro to another (different voice-over, different title,…), then the podcast episode would be the end product. Each episodes would require its own license.

However, if you podcasts are episodes of a same series, you could invoke the series policy which allows you to use a single license for up to 52 episodes within a year.

Hope it helps :slight_smile: