Music licensing for podcast

Hey there Envato team!

I have tried to scroll through the AudioJungle licensing terms as thoroughly as possible, but still haven’t quite figured out the following question:

We purchased a beautiful piece of music that we would like to use as a theme for our new podcast. Every episode would have it’s own intro by the guest and the piece of music in the background would always be the same (Inspiring symmetry by alkis).

The terms say that one licence can be used for one end product. Does end product in this case mean one podcast episode or one podcast? In other terms, can we use the same theme music in multiple episodes?

Thank you for your reply and all the best from Finland!



Since your podcast episodes will have a different voice-over each time, they will be considered as different end-product. So they would require a new license each.

If the intro was always the same with no modification whatsoever and put as is at the beginning of the episode, then the intro itself could be considered as the end-product and then used in as many episodes as you want.

However, there is the “series” policy, which allows you to use a single license for up to 52 episodes, within a year, of a same series. So you would have to get a new license for episode 53, or year 2, but you’ll be covered before that.

Hope it helps!

Thank you so much! So in other words, I can use this license for 52 episodes?

And with the Music Broadcast -license I am good to go up to 1 million streams overall across all episodes in all channels. Did I understand this correctly?


Indeed, as long as they are published within a year from the first episode.

The Music Broadcast applies only to TV broadcasting and should not concern you. The Standard license is the one you want. If your podcast is downloadable and you have more than 10 000 downloads, then you may need the Mechanical Reproduction License.


Great, thanks! So if the episodes are not downloadable, then there is no limit to how many times the episode can be listened to in Soundcloud, spotify, etc.?

Grateful for the help!

One more question: If I make for example a youtube -video to promote the podcast, than that is considered as a different product, right? So in that case, I should purchase a second single license of the same piece of music?

Have a great day!

Correct, the Standard license doesn’t have limitations on the number of views/streams.

The Youtube promo video would indeed be considered as a different end-product and would thus require its own license.

Have a great day as well!