Type of licence required for podcast audio


I’m looking for an audio file I can use for intro and outro music on a podcast and I’m a little confused on the type of licence I need. Can anyone tell me is it a ‘music standard licence’ (because I’m only using it for one ‘thing’ - a podcast) or is it a ‘music broadcast licence’ (because each podcast episode may be viewed as it’s own ‘thing’)?

Any help greatly appreciated.



The Broadcast license only applies to TV broadcasts, not to podcasts.

The Music Standard license is the one you need. A single license covers one end product. One end product would be one podcast episode. So you would need one license per episode. There is, however a “series” policy which allows you to use a single license for up to 52 episodes (or a year, whichever comes first).

If your intro is strictly the same every-time, with no modification whatsoever (no different voice-over, title,…), then you can argue that the intro itself is the end product. You could thus use a single license for your intro and use this intro as is in any number of episodes.

Hope it helps!


That’s really helpful, thanks for the reply!