Clarification on a podcast theme


Apologies, I know this has been as red before.

My assumption reading the info is that a podcast is considered a single application, with multiple episodes up to a 10,000 download limit total and we do not need to purchase a licence for each episode.

Is this correct.

Many thanks in advance


Hello :smiley:

Are you talking about music for your podcast or using a website theme?


Hi it is music for a podcast. The intro for about 40 seconds and outro about 40 seconds. The episodes are normally around 45 minutes. The podcast does have a website but it the only way to listen to music would be to play an episode.

Hope that makes sense! Many thanks



If the intro and outro are always the same with no modification whatsoever between different podcasts, then yes, a single license is all you need indeed.

However, if the intros/outros have (even slight) differences from one episode to another (such as different voice overs), then you’d fall under the series policy. This policy states that you can use a single license for up to 52 episodes/per year (whichever comes first).

Hope it helps.


Thank you.

We will come under the 52 episodes as we voice over the music as it fades in and out.