the license for audio logos and idents


Hi, just a thought, prompted by a buyer who has just asked me about this:

When a buyer wants to use one of our logos, I imagine they will want to use it to brand their youtube channel, and will want to use it on every single video they make. Isn’t it a lot of hassle and expense for a youtuber, especially if they are very prolific, to have to come here to license the logo every single time?

Would it be easier to have an ‘unlimited use’ license? Of course there would need to be a much higher price, but wouldn’t this be more attractive to buyers?

Or maybe i’ve got it all wrong:grin:

Your thoughts…?


If the intro is always the same (with same visuals as well), then the intro is the end product, which can thus be used in any number of videos.

If the audio logo is used over different visuals, but the videos share a common theme, then the series rule come into play. Buyer may use the same license for up to 52 videos and/or year (whichever comes first).


oh, i didn’t realise that, thanks for clarifying!

Is there somewhere on envato’s site that has these details?


Here you go:


Thank you!