Logo on multiple videos

A YouTube channel has bought one of my logos, this channel is using the logo on multiple videos (but the buyer only made one purchase), does the buyer have to make a purchase for each video?



If the audio logo is used over the exact same video material, meaning it’s part of a video logo. Then the video logo is considered to be the end product, not the video itself. The buyer can then used their end product (ie, the video logo) in as many videos as they want.

In the case where your item is used over different video material (ie, footage is unique to each video), then the buyer can still use a single license for multiple videos, if the videos are related and can be considered as being part of a same series. In which case, the series policy states that one license can be used for up to a year or 52 episodes (whichever comes first).

If your item is used over different video material, in videos that are unrelated to each other, then buyer has to buy a license for each new video.


Thanks, the audio logo is used on a video logo, for a series of videos…

This is the serie: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL737BtFSErxTSyEQuusRzhFhC2OpTgftN

Then yes, this is perfectly ok, as per AJ’s rules :slight_smile:

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