Licensing question

Hi, i’m looking to buy some video asset for a project but i’m not sure i’m allowed with the licensing agreement. We are generating videos form the content of a website. The videos will be automatically generated using a logo reveal and a background loop, with text in front. How does licensing work in that case ? We will be making thousands of these videos.
Thanks in advance.


I’m afraid this is not allowed and actually specifically prohibited as you can read there (link below):

Hi, thanks for your answer. I read that many times and wasn’t sure. It is neither an on demand, made to order, build it yourself or create your own project. I don’t allow the end user to have a product made from it. I generate videos from the content of a website page, ie. i make a video for every page. Users can watch them, or not. The grey area for me was that i’m not actually making them myself, but generating them dynamically. Does that explanation change your view or not ? Thanks again.

Sorry, I meant to reply earlier, but got distracted.

Even if it doesn’t fall under the “on demand / made to order” category, you would still be producing thousands of those videos. Which is more than the one end-product the license allows for.

I’m still thinking your type of usage would not be covered by Envato’s license, unless the video asset you’re looking to get does have a multiple use license. But then, would “dynamically generated” be different than “on demand”, this would be for lawyers to argue.

Thank you very much. I’ve just started making my own assets on after-effects, i think its wiser considering my usage. All the best !