Why would not you purchase the item?

Hi everyone,
I am quite new on Envato. I created my first Videohive project which was approved for sale. I believe every beginner wants to succeed quickly and expect rocket sales of his item. However, dissapointment and frustration often occur soon. Well, this is also my case but I am somehow grateful because it motivates me to learn.

I would like to ask you for giving me as much criticism as you can for my item

Cubical Photo

I would be interested in any opinions on technical, animation design, idea itself, overal impression, 4K resolution for photo topic etc. Anything that could help me thinking how to create more amazing project next time.

I appretiate your feedback a lot.


Hi. Your work is really cool. But is very hard to say wich project will have lots of sales and wich won´t. Market is unpredictable, even more when you create originial ideas like yours, plus market is oversaturated. Look at this example from a top seller author, this is an excellent work and original idea, but has only two sales:

So don´t give up and keep getting your portfolio full of great works and ideas.
Good Luck!! :wink::+1: