First Videohive Project Reject

Hi there guys, I’m a new user to Envato and I’m looking for some advice. I created a similar title for a Youtuber’s channel and they often get asked in their comments where this title can be bought. I thought Envato might be the perfect place, although it seems like a lot of the templates on here are from companies than user generated. I know a zooty video would probably help sell it more, but in all honesty I prefer seeing the controls and how the title actually works in FCPX so you know what you’re getting:

Please lend me any advice, criticism and feedback about how I can improve here. I’m really excited about finding a platform like Envato and would love get something like this approved if that is possible. Or if there is a better platform for what I’m doing would be great to discover that as well. Thanks!

On the contrary, the vast majority of items sold on Envato Marketplaces are from individuals and not companies, and some businesses have even formed because of an individuals success.

Even if you prefer to see how the controls work, the majority of buyers want to see the end result more, because it doesn’t matter how great the controls are if the final product isn’t amazing. This is a user driven marketplace, which means it’s highly competitive, which means that you have to make your items stand out among the rest and catch everyone’s attention, basically it needs to be marketable.

It’s great to show how the user can customize things, but you need more than that. There are plenty of other items that show both the final product and a quick breakdown of the controls, so I would recommend doing that as well. Start your preview off by showing what the users can actually make with it, then work in a brief spot at the end showing the customization. Some people will even create a separate video tutorial which can be linked to in the items description, and in a document provided with the download file.