Shifting from Fiverr to Envato, please advice me on how to sell my AE projects and in which category

Hi folks,

I’m a top rated seller on Fiverr and had great success over there. I now want to shift to envato because I need more time to create new things. Managing Fiverr is a fulltime job and I thought maybe I can make the same money over here without all the work that comes with Fiverr.

I would like to know from the envato community how you feel about my work and if it would get accepted by envato, and of course, would it get views and make sales? Also, I’ve never seen stuff like this before on videohive, which makes me question what category to place it in, or what keywords to use. If anyone has some tips, that would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s what I do, I place logo’s in real video’s and make it look as real as possible. Here’s one of my best works, the envato logo on shipping container being unloaded from a ship:

I made a lot of money with that video template on Fiverr. Will I be able to make it a success here to? What do you think?

Thanks in advance for all your help!!

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Hi Jérôme,

Videohive’s After Effects Template category is made up mostly of professional, graphics-based animations. So from a review standpoint, the above example wouldn’t be accepted for sale on the marketplace. It would need to be further stylized as a truly customizable template, rather than simply a video clip with a trackable logo element.

Furthermore, the quality of the video footage would be taken into consideration. Without having the final source to review, I can’t offer a true decision, but based on the shakiness of the camerawork, and the poor audio quality (too much wind noise), the footage itself would not pass inspection.

You have a decent concept here, but it would need to be significantly expanded upon for it to be approved for sale – and be successful – on Videohive.


hi motion revolver its nice to see reviewers giving advice here in forum you are doing great job Thanks for you helping us out I really appreciate you guys hardwork

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