Can I use a template to create videos and sell on Fiverr

I am a Envato Elements Subscriber.
I want to know if I can use After Effects Template and create videos and later on Can I sell this videos on fiverr (freelancing site)?
Since every time I download a template from Envato Elements, I receive a commercial license.
And I can add many licenses I want during my subscription.
As I am not selling the template rather I am creating videos using the template and selling the videos.
So is it permissilble??

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Hi @prottashaa!

That should be fine - you aren’t selling the template itself, so the “end product” that you are selling is a customised implementation of that template.

You’ll need to register a new license in your Elements account for each video that you create, but using that template to create (and sell) customised videos for your clients is fine.

If in doubt, check the Elements license terms:


I am an author on videohive and elements. And I’m tired of the fact that I can’t complain about the freelance site that people provide customization services for my own projects. They refer to this thread of the forum, and say that they have the rights to this type of activity. It turns out that I, as an author, do not have the rights to my own product, and I cannot compete with “pirates” on freelance sites such as Fiverr.
Based on your answer, I, being a subscriber of the Elements site, can, under the guise of a “End” product, customize your entire elements site templates on any freelance websites?