Youtube intro and elements license help

So i wanted to clarify how the licence works for elements. For example if i make a youtube intro out of an included template and register the edited version does that mean i can use it in all my videos going forward without issue? I asked customer support and was told each video upload would be considered an end product and i would need to register each time i upload a video but I don’t get how the video is the end product when the template has been rendered individually and remains unedited in each video.

Also brings up the question of fiverr, i was actually going to buy an intro done from a template on that marketplace without knowing, luckily i found out it was a template from envato before paying, so i really wanted to clarify how this licence works now since in that scenario the intro itself is considered the end product no?

Customer support has more weight than any random forum user could ever have. And it’s the only answer you can get that’s liable.

The video is the end product. Why would you not want to register each video, as it doesn’t cost you anything? Not doing so, means the author will not be paid their already ridiculously meager cut.

The fiverr example is probably an abuse of Envato’s terms, anyway so it’s irrelevant regarding how the terms work.

because I never got a reply to the second question (thanks for answering that btw) now as for why its due to videohives regular licence being clear on how it works for youtube, it states your able to reuse it under one regular license so I was left confused on why elements considers each produced video an end product when the render of the template edit is the only part that belongs to it, videohive considers the finished edit from a template the end product and that can be reused multiple times on multiple videos.

Sorry i just wanted to clarify before deciding where I get a template from and am glad i asked before buying one off fiverr


Hi @Cruzer4life - welcome to the forums!

VideoHive and Elements have different license terms affecting these items.

If the After Effects template was purchased from VideoHive, a “single application” license would cover multiple videos if they met the criteria for a series (i.e. all published on the same channel; released within a 12 month period, max 52 episodes etc).

Envato Elements doesn’t have an equivalent to the “series” multi-use exception in the VideoHive license. If an After Effects template downloaded from Elements is applied to multiple videos, you would need to licence it for each video you create. That ensures that the creator will be credited for each use of their item.


perfect, thanks for the clarification and detailed response

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